Dear Body…

Thank you for allowing me to be authentic – for listening to my intuition and acting from that place of knowledge.

Thank you for holding me, with such power, and with such grace.

Thank you for grounding me from the feet, rooting me to Mother Earth.

Thank you for moving with fluidity and freedom from this firm base.

Thank you for holding what needed to be held, and for releasing…

Thank you for dancing.

Thank you for listening – to the music, to the inner wisdom, to spirit, to cosmic nature energy.

Thank you for showing up!

Thank you for smiling at my tears from deep within, from the Mother.

Thank you for your strength, for standing firm in the fire, and thank you for softening to allow energy that is not serving me to brush past and to move on.

Thank you for purpose – to house and protect my spirit.

Thank you for insight.

I will honour you in my gift back to you.

You will be cherished, for the beauty, compassion, integrity and joy.

To move from a place of knowing and trust is sacred.

To move consciously is to be in ritual.